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Attention: Funds for the Timber Restoration Fund have been committed as of February 20, 2017. Applications are no longer being accepted for this program. Thank you very much for your interest!

Timber Restoration Fund

Funding Process

In an effort to quickly implement the TRF program, funds will be administered using the same Forest Development Program (FDP) application form and similar procedures for program administration and delivery.

Requests for funding will be submitted on FDP Project Record Application Forms 4910-1 (9/2012) with the full fund name Timber Restoration Fund (TRF) clearly marked on top of all applications and Forest Development Program marked through to clearly identify TRF projects.

Approved Practices

  • Approved practices include Site Preparation and Tree Planting sub-practices only
  • Funding for Forest Stand Improvement (FSI) practices is not available
  • Funding for Release Treatments is not available

Funding Timelines

The TRF Enrollment Period will begin on January 23th, 2017 and remain open until all funds have been encumbered. All applications that are received after the funding limit has been reached will not be funded and will be returned to the NCFS District office for documentation and follow-up with the applicant.

"Plant Only" projects and projects with site preparation/tree planting will be accepted. Emphasis should be placed on "signing-up" projects that have a high probability of being completed in a timely manner (1 year). This funding source is not for landowners that are uncertain about implementing practices recommended in their plans.

No extensions will be granted for projects that are not started within 1 year from the funding date.

Funding Eligibility

Funding is available for projects 5 acres or greater up to a maximum acreage cap of 100 acres per landowner per state fiscal year. Projects must be started within one (1) year and completed by the 2017-2018 Tree Planting season (April 30th, 2018 cut-off date). Plant-Only projects must be started and completed within the same year they are funded.

Counties Not Eligible for TRF Funding

Alamance, Durham, Granville, Orange, Person, Vance, Warren

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