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Federal Excess Personnel Property Loan Program

Through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Forest Service, the N.C. Forest Service is allowed to obtain Federal Excess Personnel Property from the federal government and loan it to fire departments.

The Forest Service acquires FEPP items from military bases when the military no longer has a use for the items. The FEPP is then loaned to fire departments for use in fire suppression for as long as they have a use for the equipment. When they no longer have a need for the item, it is returned to the Forest Service, which disposes of it for the federal government.

Items available under the FEPP program include 4X4 trucks for brush units, fire engines, fire tankers and generators. Fire departments are required to license and insure all vehicles and must maintain the units for fire suppression. Each item loaned under the FEPP program is inspected annually to ensure proper use according to established guidelines.


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