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The Water Bar

The Water Bar is a water quality newsletter for the logging industry in northwest North Carolina. The goal of this publication is to provide information on the Forest Practices Guidelines and Best Management Practices that operators can apply to their own logging job. The NCFS is currently working to expand publication of this document to other areas of the state.

The NCFS is committed to the notion that logging can, and must, be done in a manner that protects our valuable water resources. We also believe that many of the measures required by the Forest Practices Guidelines can make an operation more productive and will keep landowners satisfied with the work that is done on their land.

The information that we present here comes from many sources. One source we rely on is you. We often see loggers doing innovative things to prevent or correct sedimentation problems. We'd like to share these ideas with others. So, if you're doing something different that works, let us know.

This page updated: Monday, March 6, 2017 10:22

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