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  1. Complete the Request Form
  2. Requests should be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event date to allow time to confirm NCFS staff availability.
  3. Requests submitted less than 2 weeks prior to the event date may not be successful in receiving an NCFS presenter.
  4. Events scheduled on State holidays cannot be accommodated.
  5. Events held in the spring, which is NC fire season, cannot be guaranteed an NCFS presenter as NCFS staff are first responders to fire incidents which may result in cancellations with short notice. However, all efforts will be made to try and meet commitments.
  6. Conflicts due to multiple requests for certain dates, such as the State Arbor Day, will be prioritized by the date the request was submitted.
  7. Special presentation requests, including more involvement or time by NCFS staff, events, workshops, printing agendas (requiring presenters name) etc., should be made as early as possible so sufficient time can be scheduled by the NCFS presenter.
  8. Communities are responsible for their own presentation materials at the event.
  9. Communities are welcome to provide additional or specific details to include in the award speech.
  10. Communities making arrangements directly with their local NCFS offices are requested to send in the form to ensure that the presenter receives a copy of the speech in a timely fashion.


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