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The following list can be used as a source of ideas to enhance your Tree City USA program. Don’t limit yourself to the options listed here. Creativity is encouraged.

  • Education
  • School Arbor Day programs – essay, poem/poster contest, plays/skits, tree planting, etc.
  • Attend state community forestry conference offered by the NC Urban Forest Council.
  • Participate in tree care workshops.
  • Watch webinars offered by NC Urban Forest Council and other urban forestry groups.
  • Attend conference(s) such as those offered by the ACTrees, ISA, etc.
  • Tree recycling program.
  • Proper tree planting and/or workshops on proper tree care.
  • Publications.
  • Group/Community Activities
  • Representation at the Tree City USA Recognition ceremony.
  • Dedication of Tree City USA sign or flag.
  • Memorial tree plantings.
  • Involve local businesses: Marketing
  • Awareness/Promotion
  • News media – radio, TV, newspaper, public access stations, web sites.
  • Public meetings.
  • Community organizations.
  • Champion Tree program.
  • Youth programs (Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, YMCA, schools).
  • Utilize materials from the North Carolina Urban Forest Council.
  • Identify your TCUSA status in the NC League of Municipalities fall conference guide.
Resources - Links to organizations and information that may help managing your Tree City, Campus or Line USA
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