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Timeline for Applications & Award Presentations

  • September:  
  • Current Tree Cities, Campuses and Lines notified of Tree City USA online portal open for applications
  • Reminder of application deadlines
  • Reminder to complete required activities for application – good time of year for Arbor Day celebrations and tree planting
  • November:
  • More reminders of application deadlines
  • December:
  • Application deadline Tree City USA: December 1
  • Application deadline Tree Campus USA: December 1
  • Application deadline Tree Line USA: December 1

Deadline allows U&CF staff sufficient time to review applications for accuracy and appropriate documentation prior to submitting to ADF

  • December & January
  • U&CF staff complete review of applications
  • Applications approved and submitted to ADF for ADF review and approval

  • February
  • Early in month the award packages are shipped to U&CF for on-time applicants
  • Communities are informed of approval of their applications
  • Packages are mailed to each community and delivery is tracked
  • Communities are provided a presentation request form for an NCFS representative to attend their Arbor Day event and present the award
  • April
  • U&CF webpage updated with current Tree Cities, Campuses and Lines

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