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Woodland Recovery Assistance

The Woodland Recovery Assistance offers management planning and technical assistance to North Carolina woodland owners in 90 counties who suffered losses in 2018-2019 from Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Dorian. Comprehensive forest management plans will be offered to those landowners in order to assess the storm impacts to their woodlands and identify beneficial management recommendations.

Program Details

Details about “Woodland Recovery Assistance” under the ADRP program is available by contacting your local NC Forest Service County Ranger’s office by visiting:

Funding may be eligible for the following 3 comprehensive plan types:
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • N.C. Tree Farm Plans

A single plan must cover all contiguous woodland acres between 10 to 10,000 acres (tracts under 10 acres and with less than 10 acres of woodland are not eligible). This could include a single tax parcel or a combination of adjacent tax parcels. These parcels should be touching or separated by no more than a road or path. The entire contiguous property must be included in the plan.

Agricultural land may not be part of the plan unless designated for future natural resource management goals. All agricultural land that will remain in production for row crops, pasture, hay fields, and including all non-natural resource management cannot be counted towards the total plan acres.

Funding is available for non-industrial privately-owned forestlands. A private individual, group, association, or corporation owning land in North Carolina is eligible.

  1. Established North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS) Plan Preparation Rate of $5.00/acre will be utilized for NCFS prepared plans, x acres addressed in the management plan provided for total invoice cost x 100 percent.
  2. Plan preparation by private forestry plan writers will be reimbursed at the NCFS-established rate schedule listed below, with the acres addressed in the management plan determining the flat rate paid to the producer. If the submitted invoice for the developed management plan is less than the associated flat rate, the producer will be paid the invoice cost x 100 percent.

Reimbursement Rates for Plans Prepared
by Natural Resource Professionals

Plan Acres: Flat Payment Rate:*
10 - 50 $600
51 to 100 $1,000
101 - 200 $1,500
201 - 400 $2,000
401 - 600 $2,500
601 - 10,000 $3,000
• If the invoice is less than the Maximum Total Cost Share Payment, then the full invoiced amount will be reimbursed, with no additional funds paid-out in excess of the invoiced amount.
• If the invoice is more than the Maximum Total Cost Share Payment, then the landowner will be reimbursed at the rate shown in the above table.

Eligible Counties

View Map of Eligible counties

    Landowners in the Following Counties are NOT Eligible
    • Catawba • Cherokee • Clay • Cleveland • Gaston • Graham
    • Jackson • Lincoln • Macon • Swain • Transylvania

Application Process

Application Enrollment Period

Starting on September 13th, 2021, the N.C. Forest Service will begin accepting applications for funding from landowners to work with either Natural Resource Professionals or the N.C. Forest Service for comprehensive plan preparation services.

All application requests for funding must be reviewed, submitted and approved by the N.C. Forest Service. Applications will be approved if eligible on a “first come – first serve” basis in the order that they are accepted by our agency.

Program grant funding is set to expire December 31st, 2023 or sooner if all available funding is fully allocated before this date.

For more information visit the North Carolina Agricultural Disaster Recovery Program page.

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