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Water Quality Contacts

Start with your local County Ranger Office for advice or assistance with general water quality requests, or to share your concerns if you see a forestry job that may be causing water quality problems. Before contacting the County Ranger, we may already have an answer to your question within our “Frequently Asked Questions About Logging in NC”.


If you cannot reach the County Ranger after several attempts, feel free to contact the Assistant District Forester in the District Office nearest to you. If additional expertise is needed, the District Office will likely connect you with one of our six Regional Water Quality Foresters.

In addition, we have a team of water resources technical specialists in our state office who support our field staff and may be available to assist you. If you wish to contact one of our state office specialists, you can send an email to:

Water Resources Branch

  • Bill Swartley - Branch Supervisor and Forest Hydrologist: (919) 857-4856. Specialties include hydrology, stream restoration on NCFS lands, staff oversight, and special projects.
  • Alan Coats - Forest Water Quality Senior Specialist: (919) 857-4855. Specialties include forestry BMP monitoring studies, hydrology, GIS support, stream identification, FPG database management and compliance reporting.
  • Tom Gerow, Jr. - Water Resources Staff Forester: (919) 857-4824. Specialties include FPG program delivery, BMP interpretations, consultation and guidance on water quality rules or wetlands silviculture practices.
  • A.J. Lang - Watershed & Conservation Staff Forester: (919) 857-4857. Specialties include Forest Preharvest Planning Tool, forests-for-watersheds projects, bridgemats, BMP training-education-outreach, and coordinating ProLogger for NCFS.

To learn more about BMPs and water resources in forestry, you can review our archived BMP Newsletter; and subscribe to our NCForestryNPS email list.

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