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Online Burning Permit System - Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the system recognize my county?

The application must be initiated from this link.

I got my permit back and it is only for one day. Why?

When filling out the permit, make sure to select two different dates from each dropdown box in this section: View of date entry in application

How do I get an extension or change the dates on my permit?

To get an extension or change your permit dates, please reapply for an additional permit for the timeframe needed at this link.

I filled out a permit and it said permit successful, but I never got it in my email. What happened?

If you did not receive your permit, it may be in your email spam filter. Please ensure that "" is in the approved senders list for your email account. Other common errors include putting email in zip code field or incorrect email address entry. If you are unsure, please reapply at this link.

The permit application states that I certify "That the proposed fire is within 500' of State protected woodland." Is this correct? Shouldn’t it be that the fire is NOT within 500’ of State protected woodland?

The permit language is correct. "State protected woodland" refers to any land for which the state of North Carolina has fire suppression responsibility. This includes all land except for that under control of the federal government or within the jurisdiction of a municipality.

Why does my permit application continue to get rejected with errors?

Please note all fields on the permit, except comments, are required. Number of Miles and Number of Acres are numeric fields that will only accept numeric input.

Why won’t the system accept my email address?

Make sure that there are no spaces in your email address. Another common email entry error is replacing a comma where the last terminating period goes, for example: youremail@email,com. Amend to Also ensure your email address is not in the zip code field. Fieldnames on permit application are above their entry boxes.

I don’t have an email. Can I still get a burn permit online?

No, the application requires use of an email address to send your permit. If you don’t have an email address, feel free to use email of a colleague, family or community member who may be willing to help.

Where can I get additional help?

Please feel free to reach out to your county ranger for additional assistance. You can find their contact information at:
You can also call the NC Burn Permit Support Line at 919-578-2207.

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