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Riparian & Wetland Tree Planting Pocket Guide

Planting a tree seedling sounds simple enough: dig a hole, stick the tree in, fill the hole. However, a number of factors should be considered when preparing and planting tree seedlings. Additional consideration may be needed if planting in wetland, riparian or other wet-natured sites.

A convenient, pocket-sized reference booklet, the Riparian & Wetland Tree Planting Pocket Guide for North Carolina, is available from the N.C. Forest Service (NCFS). This guide, now in its 4th edition, contains information about selecting a suitable tree species for soil and site conditions, proper handling and storage of tree seedlings, preparation of soil for optimum seedling survival and growth, planting using different tools and follow-up maintenance and monitoring of plantings.

In addition, several color photographs illustrate some of the basic concepts of proper tree planting. This pocket guide is not intended to give standards or specifications related to cost-shared tree planting. Instead, the booklet provides generally-accepted recommendations adapted from forest tree seedling planting guidelines that have proven successful for years in the forestry profession. Among the audiences targeted by this booklet are those engaged in stream and wetland restoration. However, the information will also be helpful for planting trees along existing riparian areas. Copies of the Riparian & Wetland Tree Planting Pocket Guide for North Carolina can be obtained from the contact information below :

NCFS Water Resources Branch
1616 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1600
Fax: (919) 857-4804 

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