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North Carolina's Arbor Day

In 1967 the state legislature ratified a bill stating in part,

"Whereas, it is desirable that the planting of seedlings and flowering shrubs be encouraged to promote the beautification and conservation of the vast and varied resources of North Carolina, and whereas the designation of a particular day each year as Arbor Day would encourage and draw attention to a concerted effort by North Carolinians to beautify and conserve the state's resources by planting young trees and shrubs."

Arbor Day in North Carolina was designated as the first Friday following March 15.

Community Members Celebrating Arbor Day

First Friday after March 15

Over the next few years Arbor Day in North Carolina will be on the following dates:

  • 2020 - March 20
  • 2021 - March 19
  • 2022 - March 18
  • 2023 - March 17
  • 2024 – March 22

Arbor Day in any locality can be on any day that is chosen. Many communities choose to have an Arbor Day celebration in springtime, but if you want to plant trees, a fall Arbor Day is a good choice. The generally mild winters allow newly planted trees to become established in advance of the next year’s hot spring and summer weather, improving survival.

All across the state, communities, schools and individuals are celebrating Arbor Day in unique and exciting ways. Many communities have a celebration that involves the planting of a new tree on public grounds. Some places combine Arbor Day and Earth Day celebrations together. Others have incorporated Arbor Day as part of a larger community festival. The main point to remember is that Arbor Day is a day to recognize the benefits that trees give to our communities.

Some towns have certified arborists from their community staff on hand at their Arbor Day celebration to answer tree questions.

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