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North Carolina has a vibrant Christmas tree industry, ranking as the second largest producer of real Christmas trees in the nation. With a widely varied climate, North Carolina is able to produce a variety of Christmas Tree species, from the nationally known Fraser Fir to the more traditional southern trees like Eastern Red Cedar and Virginia Pine. Several organizations support the efforts of this industry including the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association, The Eastern NC Christmas Tree Growers Association, North Carolina Farm Fresh and the NC Coopertive Extension Service.

Using the resources on the linked pages, you can find out more about the Christmas tree industry in North Carolina and where to purchase a tree for your holiday season enjoyment. Keep In mind that the availability of these farm products is subject to weather conditions and local demand, therefore, remember to always call before heading out to your favorite location. This information was compiled from the best sources available. No farm was intentionally excluded and listings are not official endorsements.


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