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Wildfire/Emergency Response Situation Report

Current situation as of July 20, 2017 at 1:58 pm

Currently active watches, warnings and advisories, including Red Flag Warnings, are available from the National Weather Service.

Preliminary reports show that 3 wildfires burned 1.3 acres on private and state-owned land in N.C. on Wednesday July 19, 2017.

Out of state incidents

The North Carolina Forest Service has begun dispatching employees to assist with suppressing western U.S. wildfires. A dispatch normally lasts for 14 days, plus 2 days for travel at each end of the assignment. Jobs filled by NCFS personnel include everything from the command staff on a fire to members of hand crews digging fire lines.

Incident: West Mims Fire
Personnel: 1 GIS Trainee
State: Georgia
Location: 7 miles east of Fargo Georgia (Okefenokee NWR)

Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Keystone Fire
Personnel: 3 Heavy Equipment Bosses
State: Wyoming
Location: 7 Miles West of Albany, Wy

Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: 2017 IWA Tanker Base Support
Personnel: 1 Fixed Wing Parking Tender Trainee, 1 Ramp Manager Trainee, 1 Airtanker Base Manager Trainee
State: Arizona
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Rooster's Comb Fire
Personnel: 2 Heavy Equipment Bosses
State: NV
Location: 25 miles north of Battle Mountain
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Schaeffer Fire
Personnel: 1 Division Supervisor, 1 Heavy Equipment Boss, 1 Radio Operator
State: CA
Location: Sequoia National Forest, Kern River and Western Divide Ranger Districts
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Peekaboo Fire
Personnel: 1 Food Unit Leader
State: CO
Location: 44 miles NW of Maybell, CO
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Tounge River Complex Fire
Personnel: 1 Field Observer, 1 GISS Specialist, 1 Strike Team Leader Engine
State: MT
Location: 18 miles south of Lame Deer
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1229
Incident: Farad Fire
Personnel: 1 Division Supervisor
State: NV
Location: Sierra County line near Verdi, NV
Updated 7/13/2017 @ 1407
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